Cabell's Route to Fayetteville

On April 16, 1863, Brig. Gen. William "Old Tige" Cabell led a Confederate force out of Ozark to challenge Union control of northwest Arkansas by attacking Col. M. LaRue Harrison's Union troopers in Fayetteville. They arrived in Fayetteville on April 18 and a battle ensued in which the First Arkansas Cavalry (C.S.) and the First Arkansas Cavalry (U.S.) slugged it out for four hours. The Federals stood their ground and drove Cabell's Rebels back into the Boston Mountains. Union losses were four killed, twenty-three wounded, thirty-five missing and sixteen captured; Confederate casualties were twenty killed, thirty wounded and twenty missing.

From Ozark, take AR 23/309 north to U.S. 64 and proceed west to Alma. Turn north on U.S. 71 to West Fork. Continue north on Business 71 to Dickson Street, turn east and end at the Headquarters House (Harrison's HQ during the battle) at 118 E. Dickson St.