Little Rock Campaign

Following the Battle of Helena, rumors spread that Confederate Gen. Sterling Price was going to invade Missouri via Crowley's Ridge. Union Gen. John Wynn Davidson crossed the St. Francis River at Chalk Bluff and headed down the ridge to stop Price. Realizing it was just a rumor, Davidson continued south, eventually linking with a Union column from Helena to capture Little Rock. Gen. Frederick Steele led the expedition, with infantry from Helena and Davidson's horsemen crossing east Arkansas facing opposition from Confederate cavalry. Steele flanked Rebel fortifications in North Little Rock by crossing the Arkansas River near what is now the Little Rock airport and captured Little Rock on September 10, 1863.


Steele's Approach
(Union General Frederick Steele led a Union army íŽíŽ consisting of troops from the Helena garrison and others idled after the fall of Vicksburg íŽíŽ overland in a campaign that resulted in the capture of Little Rock.) Start at Helena on US 49 to Phillips County Road 300 to Phillips County Road 350 to Trenton then Hwy 316 to US 49 to Hwy 86 then US 79 in Clarendon to Hwy 33 to DeValls Bluff then US 70 to Lonoke then Hwy 89 to Furlow then Hwy 294 through Jacksonville to Valentine.

Retreats the same route back to Furlow.

From Furlow on Hwy 15 to Bevis Corner then Bear Skin Lake Road to Walkers Corner Road to US 165 then to the junction of US 165 and I-440 two routes.

  1. US 165 into North Little Rock
  2. I-440 to Fourche Dame Pike Road then Roosevelt Road to Confederate Boulevard to Barber Street to College Street in Little Rock.

Davidson's Approach
(Union General John Wynn Davidson led a cavalry division from southeast Missouri that marched down Crowley's Ridge before heading west and conducting most of the combat that occurred in the 1863 Little Rock Campaign.) Start at St. Francis on US 62 to Piggott then US 49 through Rector to Marmaduke then Hwy 34 to Hwy 135 to US 49 through Paragould to Hwy 358 to Hwy 351 to US 49 into Jonesboro then Hwy 163 through Harrisburg to US 64B then Hwy 284 to Forrest City then Hwy 1 to Marianna then US 79 into Clarendon. Follows Steele from here to Little Rock.